ode to Lancelot du Lac

There are (strange) people here in this city who seem to think that to be a good person you must admire and aspire to being a paladin. I of course think of Sir Lancelot. I suspect that they do not. The other group of Paladins that then come to my mind at the Teutonic knights. A somewhat unsavory mob. Having done this, they then offer illegally obtained goods. Very strange.

Anyway, a quick read of wikipedia provides the following wonderful quote: The Paladines of the Imperial Guard were named after its neighboring Scholae Palatinae. The Scholae Palatinae, itself named after its location on Palatine Hill, the mythical founding place of Rome, was the older of two schools of the ancient Salii brotherhood of God of War Mars, which lent some of their symbols to the emperial, later the papal palace.

So the paladins are protectors of the Mars, the war god. I am impressed.