Well I have my first real Karaoke experience with me singing songs. I was quite please with my singing, it is as good as it has been since my voice broke and I sang in the Coretto at school in most of the major protestant churches in Melbourne. One thing I thought was very unexpected and actually quite cool and I guess not surprising was that there were some songs with totally unexpected words. We had a version of Killing Me Softly that had lines like take you clothes off (if I have the right song). Very amusing. Clearly there are the "other" Karaoke songs. ;-)



Another simple error of assumed grammar. People, including myself say I like this. But, I always assume the do like construct where as people here assume the I am like construct. Endless confusion. Just because I like things does not mean that I am like them. Nor do I expect others to need to be like this. So saying that I like piercings, does not mean that I want a piercing, or that I think you should get one. This is just the same as saying that I like a football team means that I was to be a football player or that I think you should be a football player.
  • I (am) like
  • I (do) like